17 Sep

Words of the week will have to wait until next week.
I have lots to do for college, and hopefully I’ll get into the swing of things by next week.I’m loving college, made friends, everythings going smoothly, think its because I have changed as a person too, since the first time in college. Lots more friends poppin’ up each day, ones that I know from the “outside”.

First night out with everyone Tuesday, so I’ll have photo’s from then an’ all.

Have a good week!




6 Sep

Might be a day or two delay in the next post. I’m checking all my “Word’s of the Week” to make sure they’re not wrong for the next post, but a lot of them are.
I can’t stay up all night as usual to fix them because College is in 2 days and I want good start this time as you know. So, forgive the lateness and bare with me.

There will be 100+ “Word’s of the Week”. So there is something to look forward to!

Post should be up on September 8th (Planned date) or September 9th. September 10th at the latest.

甘夢 (Sweet [pleasant] dreams)