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6 Sep

Might be a day or two delay in the next post. I’m checking all my “Word’s of the Week” to make sure they’re not wrong for the next post, but a lot of them are.
I can’t stay up all night as usual to fix them because College is in 2 days and I want good start this time as you know. So, forgive the lateness and bare with me.

There will be 100+ “Word’s of the Week”. So there is something to look forward to!

Post should be up on September 8th (Planned date) or September 9th. September 10th at the latest.

甘夢 (Sweet [pleasant] dreams)



10 Jul

Finally, found two good websites that give free Japanese lessons.

The first one, well whoever who has written it, hasn’t got perfect english, but its understandable and the teachings are good. Nice Hiragana chart and explanations of everything.

Site One: Learn Japanese Adventure

The second site is very good. Has forums, lessons, print offs, flash cards, etc.
At the end of Lessons, you can comment, and fluent speakers will explain anything you need to know.
Chat room where other learners are conversing in perticular topics, relating to whichever lesson they are on. They all seem to be doing the same subject with each other, which is good I think. They have support. This site is good for working on kanji or any charachters and basic phrasing etc. (Basic and Intermediate)

Site 2: Learn Japanese

Hope these are helpfull to anyone intrested.


P.S. Heres a chart showing how Im learning my Hiragana so far. 😀 幸運!

平仮名ごじゅうおんず Hiragana gojuuonzu

The reason I have it 5 Hiragana per week, is because learning to write them is harder then memorising them. It’s like English in teeny tiny pictures.. And there is thousands more to learn. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!