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对不起 – I’m Sorry

4 Nov

I am dreadfully sorry. Been hectic in college. Hectic times should be time I’m posting, but it’s really hard to remember everything. Never was good with important stuff.

Everythings going well, Chinese is simple, it’s helping with other languages too. I am also planning to going to China in June with College friends for a year. June 2012. Going to go all over China! Working/Holiday VISA.

Need to find out more information though. If anyone has any, on Chinese Holiday Visa’s, let me know. It’s very confusing so far.
Anyways, I’ll sort out a good lot of Blogs soon. Brought my Laptop to Starbucks for the first time the other day. Was amazing. Thinking of doing it again soon, but on my own and for Blogs!

Please don’t be angry. Talk to you all soon!

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