17 Aug

Posts on Pause. Have alot to do for College in a few weeks.
But I have been writing lots down. So, I will throw it all up as soon as I have everything out of the way.

Becky ūüėÄ

26 Jul

Chilled out Japanese music does the job. No more UK/US Charts for me.. Seriously

So in new light of all things Japanese, I’m having fun, enjoying learning Japanese, how to pronounce words, translating, sentence picking, movies/anime with NO subs.. I’m quite proud of where I’ve got to today, it¬†wont much but, it is different from yesterday, or the day before. Japanese has taken itself and put itself in my stride, I didn’t even have to d it. It gets inside you like a tape worm and grows slowly but surely, but this isn’t something I want to get rid of, I want to stay infected. (I don’t have tape worm, I’m infected with all things Japanese!)

So without further ado, that’s all I had to say about that matter. I’m off for Lunch today with my friend Orange (to a Japanese Cafe) and I thought I’d throw in my morning thoughts before I got ready and left. I was turning into a Hatcher. Which isn’t good with my friends, they’ll get angry bum over it. :S So, I leave you with this lovely tune. Check it out! Japanese Tapeworm Egg.This is how I feel, happy and scared of my J-Worm.. All at the same time. ūüėÄ

Talk cha’ all laterz ūüėČ

The “J” Word

25 Jul

Sorry to mention the “J” word, every five seconds, but I have to, if not. Well, I’ll forget I’m on my J-mission.
Part of today’s mini-mission of the J-mission is that the only English thing I’ll do today is this. Writing my post. My Facebook and Twitter are in Japanese and now I have some new Japanese acquaintances¬†to talk to in…yes, you guess it JAPANESE. So, I’m excited I can have some more exposure to Japanese, and I’ve got my head around certain things since finding these Japanese. Which is god. (Yes, you could say I am a stalker, finding these people I do not know on the web, but I’m not. Blame¬†Khatz¬†for being such a good influence on all of us AJATTer’s, he started it all)

So today’s plan is quite simple. I¬†will be¬†doing…:

  1. Hiragana and Katakana
    I just need to check my Hiragana. Katakana I must learn all today. I will not fail.
  2. Kanji Reviewing
    I have the website I found for that. Linkishere.
  3. Drop some Anime
    I’ve run out of Anime I think, but I think I need to work more on my basics until I watch another Anime, because I want to try without Subtitles so bad, and the Anime I love, I’ve only ever watched with subs/dubs. So now it’s time to understand them properly. Then I can go find new Anime. I’d say there would be new ones out by the time I’m finished re-watching the others RAW. Oh and I watched a real person Japanese movie today, it’s the real version of Kimi¬†no Todoke. It was great. Must go find names of Producers and Actors etc. I’m hooked. Officially.
  4. Search some Manga.. (Newbie)
    So, yes. I am a complete Noob¬†when it comes to Manga, it never interested¬†me, but it will if it’s in Kanji. So making inquires to ALL the comic book stores in Dublin if they have them or not. ONLY IN KANJI. Waste of time, effort, and money to buy them in English you must enjoy them in their true form, to get the jokes, not the lame jokes put in in English.
  5. Some online Japanese reading after No.1
  6. Definitely, not even some, LOADS. Lots of sentence picking too. If I’m stuck I can help one of my new Japanese acquaintances to help.
  7. Japanese talking time. ūüėÄ
    With new friends, well soon to be¬†friends on SKYPE, still dont¬†like the whole¬†call/camera call thing. Freaks me out. If only Murz was Japanese, I could talk to her for days on end.. Or if Kirsty was Japanese, I could slag her for days on end. OR if Orange was Japanese, we could conceive our evil and strange ideas together in Japanese. My arm just cracked like the bone decided to snap…. Weird
  8. And perhaps find some more music artists. The Japanese kind. (Obsessed already)
    It’s quite¬†catchy soft rock, feel good music. Even the overly cute “choir” idols group AKB48¬†is addictive. Brainwashing me I should say. Few other bands whose names¬†I keep forgetting to¬†take down, but they’re¬† in the Favourites thing. But didn’t put any names beside them. I’ll put them up on Twitter later when everything is¬†done.

So, I think that’s it. It’s time to start another beautiful day in my make-shift Japan. ūüėÄ
I’m looking forward to it.
Oh… and if your also studying Japanese, and reading this. Get up off your arse and study now.. THIS IS IN ENGLISH…Dude


I love tea I do.

23 Jul

Lyons tea, 2 sugars, good bit of milk, leave the teabag in (that’s the new thing).
I love my tea, like any other Irish person, so it’s weird to find those who don’t like it or don’t drink it. Especially when they’re not lactose intolerant or anything similar. My friend Natasha simply just never had tea up until I offered her one on day, which I think is extremely strange and I think she is the only person in Ireland who happened to “never have tea”. Since any where you go, any house you go to, even the Garda station.Somebody offers you tea. When certain friends of mine come over I always offer a cuppa, but if they’re the type that don’t drink tea, I still ask anyways, because it’s a natural thing to assume they want tea. Not coffee.
I like coffee, don’t get me wrong (black coffee, no sugar) but I really only drink it in the mornings, or in caf√©’s. I love my cafe’s. Coffee, fags¬†and convo’s. Bes combination going. I am yet to find a cafe that make’s a decent cup of tea. They need a kettle, not a water tank thingy. Herbal tea I love too, but I only drink them in phases of trying to be¬†healthy, weight loss for a big night out, and to fix my skin. Oh, and for hangovers, that are extreme, I’ll drink a herbal tea of some sort. One that’s gentle on the stomach and won’t leave me in bed for days after.

The whole point of this post, was no point, I have nothing much to write about. But now that I say that, I actually do. Which I will do…. Now.

I’ve been religiously following my favourite blogs, ones which have loads to read, and the ones which update everyday, or most days. Which are two. The Japan Guy and AJATT. The Japan Guy is entertaining and is about what I like and what I wanna know. AJATT¬†is about what I like and what I have to know to experience what I like in the flesh. Which is JAPAN!

Anyway, AJATT¬†has got me thinking about the¬†“Immersion Process” and how to¬†become a hermit. Which lately, even pre-AJATT, I have started to become.¬†It happens a lot. Not all the time, but now and then, I don’t answer my phone, I have no free texts, so I’m not replying, not bothering with WebTexting¬†anyone back. Not going out (which is a huge one for me), and locking myself in my room away from family and the outside world. I think my “immersion” is starting well, because I am doing a lot¬†of Japanesey¬†things, not as much as I’d like and not in the way I want to¬†do it. Like not watching my Anime without subtitles, etc. I am listening to the Anime and understanding the few words I know, but I am now in the process of taking down the words I know to find tha Kanji or Kana. But now learning them is hard. So, my plan is, to watch over old Anime series, for the next week, take all the words I know, find the translations, also keep up the random 15 words and 10 sentences a day translations I’ve done, and next week start from there, because if I get a few basic words and sentences down I can probably understand that bit more. Which I think is what he’s on about in AJATT, while doing it my own way, not exactly his way.

I still am trying to find Manga websites with the Manga in Japanese. Preferably with Manga from the Anime I have watched, because, well, I’ve never been into Manga, I don’t own any Manga. But I definitely think it’ll help, especially when I’ve already enjoyed the Anime so much. Tomorrow I’m going down to Dublin City Comics to check it out, since my friend works there, I’ll have help, they might have some Anime in Japanese already there. Let’s hope so. I reaaaally¬†wanna get this show on the road. ASAP.. Getting “Remembering the Kanji” today or next Saturday. So I can start that. But for now, I must use what I already have access to and some inititive¬†and creativity. Time and Japanese wont wait for me, and Japanese won’t miraculously plant itself into my brain. I have to chase it down till its stuck with me for life.

So, wish me luck. I’m off to continue becoming “Japanese”!

Bye Bye!

Yes.. More Japanese

20 Jul

After finding that marvelous¬†website “AJATT”. (Type that in Google, I’m to lazy to link it) I have found more, yes more, inspiration and even MORE motivation. I’m beside myself, what a wonderful site, but, I am yet to find a wonderful site with Kanji lists that I like. I can learn if it’s all over the place. So, if anyone knows one, please let me know.

I am officially setting my fake goals, which means I’m not actually setting any goals I’m just gonna get things done and see where I end up. If someone can become relatively fluent in Japanese in 18 months, so can I. Maybe not that¬†timeframe, but my own. I am yet to know what my niche is when it comes to learning languages, since they’re forced on you in school, you come to hate whatever language you have chosen because of your interest¬†in it. I did Japanese in school, and it was never the case, I enjoyed that class. I think that shows an actual interest. Don’t you?

So, my plan now is: Get my equipment. Which is a Kanji book, a few Manga written in Kanji, some ear candy in Japanese and obviously I already have a tonne of Anime I “plan to watch” on my Anime list. I have more “watched” Anime though. Which is bad since, I can’t watch the same thing twice, unless I forget, which is the case in a few Anime. I remembered watching the certain Anime, but not what happened or anything. I’ll hopefully find a few more. Please God.

Before I get all my reading material, I’ll have to depend on the interweb! Good ol’ interweb, never lets you down. I’ve got some reading material on Chokochoko¬†and hopefully I find a few snippets elsewhere. I also wonder if the big bookstore in Dublin sells Japanese Magazines and Newspapers. One or Two will do. I don’t think you would have to buy it weekly since the amount of Kanji would be more than enough. Obviously until you know everything in it off by heart.

Later I’m just going to find the numbers in Kanji and my Basic Hiragana and learn them by the end of the week, or not. Oh and 5 Joyo Kanji. I’ll do that and maybe stick with that same idea until it isn’t fun anymore and I can change it!
Right now, I’m going to find a new anime, I find the subtitles for the intro music is always good to recognise the new Hiragana etc that you’ve learned since they’re so basic and on the plus side Japanese songs are really sweet and kind on the ears. So no worries!

I’m off to do what¬†I need to do¬†in the now!

Goodluck and what not



20 Jul

Found these wise words at: AJATT Very inspiring and clever little site. Makes complete sense too. I recommend it, especially if your the mental type and really love Japan and all things Japanese. Hope my Hiragana Chart helps aswell!


P.S. Posts up later will be longer. If you read articles on that site^. You will understand my hastiness in this one.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

19 Jul

I for one, wouldn’t like to go catching worms, and I also don’t fancy being up so early. Since it’s become a bad habit of mine, getting up early (not catching worms), I might aswell use this time to WRITE RANDOMLY. Do I do anything else? No. But soon it will get less random. I promise.

So, the plan today is:

  • Re-Train my two Cats. (They’ve been very bold lately)
  • Finish of the Japanese I’ve been learning and move on. (Post up later for this)
  • Blog and Post. (Must organise..again)
  • More Job business. (Driving me crazy)
  • Figure out this Installing WordPress malark. (If anyone can explain in an easier way I’d be most grateful)

I thought I’d show you our GLORIOUS SUMMER WEATHER here in Dublin City. I didn’t take the photo, but this is pretty much it, except for the 3 days where no Irish person could leave the house because it was sooo hot out. We’d probably die from heat.Our lovely Summer Rain.. Permanent Summer Rain

I’ve thought, I always have a lot to do, and sometimes leave the big stuff until last-minute. Which is never good, because then someone will say “this is on, are you coming?” And I’ll automatically go. It’s like my brain wipes clean just as I hear that phrase and I only remember I had to do whatever a few days later.. sometimes weeks. I’m a sucker for a night out, so that’s why. My¬†mobile has been off, if someone really wants to get in contact they can ring my house or email me. I’ve kept myself away from Facebook as much as possible. Only went on to set up things for the Blog, and appeared offline on anything like FB Chat, MSN or Skype. I also gave myself distractions, fun distractions, but addictive ones. So I’d forget about being “social” for a while so I can get my act together.

Yes, I know I may sound like I’ve decided unconsciously to become a hermit, but I think it’s good for everyone to do this a few times a year, well, once a year. You can gather your thoughts, see whats really happening that maybe you didn’t notice before, enjoy your own hobbies, and get work done. Without actually taking a holiday from work itself.. Relaxing your senses perhaps you could¬†call it. I know a lot of people who need to relax more than once a year.. Every second week they forcefully should¬†get¬†locked in a room, to relax. But you can’t help those who don’t know how to relax. You have to let them find how to relax in their own way.

My tooth is hurting me a lot today by the way, well my gum.. It’s not painful, it’s just irritating, and itchy-sore. If you get me. I just want my tooth back again. I had to look at what day it was there, I’ve had it out nearly a week.. A week tomorrow. The pain and the swelling, should it still be here? I still look like the Godfather on one side of my face. HOPING I don’t have dry socket. I’ll absolutely die. It’s also very sad that you only get two chances to keep your teeth healthy, when you’re a child you don’t want to do as your mother says. When you’re a teenager, well lets just say I know a lot of people, who still to this day in their twenties,¬† are still going through the “no hygiene” phase. So please, if you want to have all your real teeth in your twenties to thirty’s. GO CLEAN THEM NOW. WI thought my teeth were fine except for one, I was so wrong, and how. I had 8 cavities that if I had left them another 4 months, all 8 teeth would have fallen out. Plus I had to get the one I thought was the only bad one out. You can see cavities at the start.. But if you’ve a hole in your tooth, and its black or brown, go to the dentist, because you probably have a few lurker’s somewhere aswell.¬† (As I was writing this paragraph I had to get up and brush my teeth, I freaked myself out so much).

Now, on to… THE JAPAN FRONT! As I said earlier in this post. Later on I will be writing yet another post but the first of my proper Japanese posts. That’ll be after I sort out the blog. So it looks alright and is navigable. ūüėÄ Basically it will compose of What I’ve learned, How I’ve learned with pictures and maybe a video.. OF ME. Explaining it all.. Maybe not, I’m not ready for my close up. Juuust yet.. We’ll see.. I need a good blog before I can make good videos I think.

So this is all about today, the other points at the beginning of this pst basically explain themselves, my rant about tooth hygiene was necessary, I would have freaked out all day if I didn’t vent somewhere. I think my friends who listen to all my know-it-all rants cannot take anymore¬†Thank you Murz.. ūüėÄ

So, that’ll be all for now. I think. If I don’t stop myself now, I’ll keep writing.

Have a lovely day, not Dublin, because it looks shit outside. What’s new?