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Some Inspiration To Get You Through The Week

12 Sep

Inspire Yourself



6 Sep

Might be a day or two delay in the next post. I’m checking all my “Word’s of the Week” to make sure they’re not wrong for the next post, but a lot of them are.
I can’t stay up all night as usual to fix them because College is in 2 days and I want good start this time as you know. So, forgive the lateness and bare with me.

There will be 100+ “Word’s of the Week”. So there is something to look forward to!

Post should be up on September 8th (Planned date) or September 9th. September 10th at the latest.

甘夢 (Sweet [pleasant] dreams)

I Really Have No Patience

1 Sep

This week I finally planned out the next few months, so my brain doesn’t stress out. College is in a week, well the Induction Day, and I’m so nervous. But like the last course I did, I’m gonna take it full on by the horns. I was grand last time, but I made a few mistakes last time and know what I’m don’t do this time around. Apparently my class in the college is small enough, but I doubt it will be in the university part. I’ll be a recluse all I like when it comes to bigger campus’, but this year, I’ll be social too. University is more important, especially if I want to go to Japan soon-ish.

So, while waiting for College to start, I’ve sorted out my Japanese Study Journal, so I can join it with my Business Studies. It’s a win-win situation. It’ll be easy, since we took 13 different class including 4 different languages in our first year of secondary School. If I can do that, I can do anything. So, back to my Study Journal.

It consists of:

  • Grammar
  • Reminders of Word Order etc.
  • Hiragana and Katakana. (平仮名とカタカナ)
  • 2 New Kanji
  • 2 New Words/Phrases
  • All words are relevant to me. Eg: College, Business, Fashion etc.

I will go over once a week everything I’ve put into my Journal, and every day go over words, phrases and 平仮名とカタカナso as not to lag behind and it will help me learn business in Japanese which will be very helpful in the future.

Now, only ONE WEEK TO GO until College begins. I just want it to start already, get the ball rolling, I really want to prove I can stick the year out and pass amazingly. So I can move on in life too! Get away from everything I want to get away from. So wish me luck! Also got my Grant Forms in, on the closing day, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be me, late for my own funeral I will be.

I think that’s all, my cat just fell and dug her nails into my foot. Ouch!!
Until the next time, sorry if the post is a bit small! What can you do when there’s not much going on? Yet…

It’s Been Awhile – No Internet, No Dorama.

23 Aug

You will become a house hatcher until the end of the series and then you'll probably watch You're beautiful, like I did, even though it came out first. Heartstrings looked more appealing.

I know I haven’t written anything in a while, and I apologise. But I have been
busy, but busy not doing a lot of the important things I should have been
doing, like learning my Japanese, and sorting out Student Grant Forms and
Registering for college.

But don’t worry, I have registered, I got my forms, and now I just got a kick
in the face to keep up my Japanese, I need to keep things in mind. Keeping
things in mind was never my strong point, I think I’m just a bit ahead of
myself than the normal person, like a few years to many. I don’t know why it
is, but I seem to always have been this way. I need constant reminders of
everything. But even that doesn’t work sometimes. I ignore them on my phone, I
don’t notice them on my Laptop and if I do notice them or not ignore them, I
wiggle my way around them somehow and then I realise sometime after and the
circle begins again.

Starting college soon, will put me in the academic mind-set thank god, but I
was hoping to have some Kanji down so I could write my notes in some Japanese,
and it’d probably help me learn both subjects at the same time. I am thinking
of writing everything in Katakana, to learn them off by heart so I can progress
to Kanji a bit quicker. Well, to more Kanji, I do have some down but I’ve
forgotten a lot. I will also find the Japanese for my business vocab and use
them then in notes so not everything is in katakana, some things will be in
Kanji and Hiragana, like it should be. Then you see, I’ll be learning quicker.
Mind-set helps.

I’m looking forward to getting back to college, I just hope the Induction Day isn’t
one of those cheesy days where your forced to play games that are supposed to
help you get to know your friends. I don’t really care, I’ll make friends, the
games make it worse for the shy people and make them go into themselves more. I’m
20, they should have a get-to-know-eachother with a few vodka and 7up’s down
the pub, there’s enough of them around. Or have a chat in the smoking area at
college. That’s how you make friends at this ages, otherwise, you already have
friends from Secondary School and Primary School.

Sorry about that minor rant, I really dislike them games.

Either way though, I’m dying to begin the course, keep me and my mind off
stupid things, this summer, even though everything went wrong, I have realised
who my true friends are, what I want to do with my life and what and who to
leave behind. It hasn’t been the best of years so far but I can feel it’s
leading up to the beginning of a great new year. Three more New Years and
hopefully I’ll be planning my move to Japan. 😀

So, anyways, not writing posts for so long was annoying, I was in my friend’s house
for a week and a half, for a little holiday. Helping her sort out college and
putting in her hair extensions. So that was another reason I didn’t post in
awhile, I also couldn’t watch my Dorama’s. My Dorama’s (Japanese and now
Korean) were also another distraction, I’m addicted, but today I said enough
was enough, get some work done. But Id recommend watching them they are
amazing. Seriously. But warning, highly addictive, you wont want to leave your
house. I didn’t.

I hope the end of Summer is good to everyone, I think I’m going up to Belfast
with Orange before College officially starts, which is the 13th
September. It’s not long away and I don’t know if I can come up with college
money then. But we’ll see. I’ll let you know how that goes then anyway. Today
though, going over Kana for whatever amount of time, shouldn’t have a time
limit, makes it monotonous and then I’m going to read some all Kana articles
and then find out what the words mean and then maybe the various Kanji for

Have a good one 😀


17 Aug

Posts on Pause. Have alot to do for College in a few weeks.
But I have been writing lots down. So, I will throw it all up as soon as I have everything out of the way.

Becky 😀

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

19 Jul

I for one, wouldn’t like to go catching worms, and I also don’t fancy being up so early. Since it’s become a bad habit of mine, getting up early (not catching worms), I might aswell use this time to WRITE RANDOMLY. Do I do anything else? No. But soon it will get less random. I promise.

So, the plan today is:

  • Re-Train my two Cats. (They’ve been very bold lately)
  • Finish of the Japanese I’ve been learning and move on. (Post up later for this)
  • Blog and Post. (Must organise..again)
  • More Job business. (Driving me crazy)
  • Figure out this Installing WordPress malark. (If anyone can explain in an easier way I’d be most grateful)

I thought I’d show you our GLORIOUS SUMMER WEATHER here in Dublin City. I didn’t take the photo, but this is pretty much it, except for the 3 days where no Irish person could leave the house because it was sooo hot out. We’d probably die from heat.Our lovely Summer Rain.. Permanent Summer Rain

I’ve thought, I always have a lot to do, and sometimes leave the big stuff until last-minute. Which is never good, because then someone will say “this is on, are you coming?” And I’ll automatically go. It’s like my brain wipes clean just as I hear that phrase and I only remember I had to do whatever a few days later.. sometimes weeks. I’m a sucker for a night out, so that’s why. My mobile has been off, if someone really wants to get in contact they can ring my house or email me. I’ve kept myself away from Facebook as much as possible. Only went on to set up things for the Blog, and appeared offline on anything like FB Chat, MSN or Skype. I also gave myself distractions, fun distractions, but addictive ones. So I’d forget about being “social” for a while so I can get my act together.

Yes, I know I may sound like I’ve decided unconsciously to become a hermit, but I think it’s good for everyone to do this a few times a year, well, once a year. You can gather your thoughts, see whats really happening that maybe you didn’t notice before, enjoy your own hobbies, and get work done. Without actually taking a holiday from work itself.. Relaxing your senses perhaps you could call it. I know a lot of people who need to relax more than once a year.. Every second week they forcefully should get locked in a room, to relax. But you can’t help those who don’t know how to relax. You have to let them find how to relax in their own way.

My tooth is hurting me a lot today by the way, well my gum.. It’s not painful, it’s just irritating, and itchy-sore. If you get me. I just want my tooth back again. I had to look at what day it was there, I’ve had it out nearly a week.. A week tomorrow. The pain and the swelling, should it still be here? I still look like the Godfather on one side of my face. HOPING I don’t have dry socket. I’ll absolutely die. It’s also very sad that you only get two chances to keep your teeth healthy, when you’re a child you don’t want to do as your mother says. When you’re a teenager, well lets just say I know a lot of people, who still to this day in their twenties,  are still going through the “no hygiene” phase. So please, if you want to have all your real teeth in your twenties to thirty’s. GO CLEAN THEM NOW. WI thought my teeth were fine except for one, I was so wrong, and how. I had 8 cavities that if I had left them another 4 months, all 8 teeth would have fallen out. Plus I had to get the one I thought was the only bad one out. You can see cavities at the start.. But if you’ve a hole in your tooth, and its black or brown, go to the dentist, because you probably have a few lurker’s somewhere aswell.  (As I was writing this paragraph I had to get up and brush my teeth, I freaked myself out so much).

Now, on to… THE JAPAN FRONT! As I said earlier in this post. Later on I will be writing yet another post but the first of my proper Japanese posts. That’ll be after I sort out the blog. So it looks alright and is navigable. 😀 Basically it will compose of What I’ve learned, How I’ve learned with pictures and maybe a video.. OF ME. Explaining it all.. Maybe not, I’m not ready for my close up. Juuust yet.. We’ll see.. I need a good blog before I can make good videos I think.

So this is all about today, the other points at the beginning of this pst basically explain themselves, my rant about tooth hygiene was necessary, I would have freaked out all day if I didn’t vent somewhere. I think my friends who listen to all my know-it-all rants cannot take anymore Thank you Murz.. 😀

So, that’ll be all for now. I think. If I don’t stop myself now, I’ll keep writing.

Have a lovely day, not Dublin, because it looks shit outside. What’s new?


Major Madness in the Lesbian World

16 Jul

Seriously, things just get more, and more dramatic.

All the “serious” talks this week, that I didn’t really want to hear because I already knew. I was hurt because people really believe I’m some dumb, childish blonde. Which I am far from.
But the Bray Fest, was fun, good music, Orange had me in stitches, Timmy spoke to me again, and I got all emotional. Then I text EVERYONE when I got home because I had had a few drinks.
Could not rise this morning at all, the shakes were unbelievable, they kept me awake when I tried to sleep again.

I’m grand now, was supposed to go out tonight aswell, but I turned my phone of and decided to get on with my Hiragana, which by the way, the whole 9 week plan has gone down the drain because I’m just learning them all at once. Nearly done with the basics. As far a “わ and を”. So, I think thats 41!

Damn well proud of myself.
Well, I think that’s that. Will be going back to the Bray Fest next weekend I think. Have to see what I’ve written down, gig-wise.