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17 Sep

Words of the week will have to wait until next week.
I have lots to do for college, and hopefully I’ll get into the swing of things by next week.I’m loving college, made friends, everythings going smoothly, think its because I have changed as a person too, since the first time in college. Lots more friends poppin’ up each day, ones that I know from the “outside”.

First night out with everyone Tuesday, so I’ll have photo’s from then an’ all.

Have a good week!



I Really Have No Patience

1 Sep

This week I finally planned out the next few months, so my brain doesn’t stress out. College is in a week, well the Induction Day, and I’m so nervous. But like the last course I did, I’m gonna take it full on by the horns. I was grand last time, but I made a few mistakes last time and know what I’m don’t do this time around. Apparently my class in the college is small enough, but I doubt it will be in the university part. I’ll be a recluse all I like when it comes to bigger campus’, but this year, I’ll be social too. University is more important, especially if I want to go to Japan soon-ish.

So, while waiting for College to start, I’ve sorted out my Japanese Study Journal, so I can join it with my Business Studies. It’s a win-win situation. It’ll be easy, since we took 13 different class including 4 different languages in our first year of secondary School. If I can do that, I can do anything. So, back to my Study Journal.

It consists of:

  • Grammar
  • Reminders of Word Order etc.
  • Hiragana and Katakana. (平仮名とカタカナ)
  • 2 New Kanji
  • 2 New Words/Phrases
  • All words are relevant to me. Eg: College, Business, Fashion etc.

I will go over once a week everything I’ve put into my Journal, and every day go over words, phrases and 平仮名とカタカナso as not to lag behind and it will help me learn business in Japanese which will be very helpful in the future.

Now, only ONE WEEK TO GO until College begins. I just want it to start already, get the ball rolling, I really want to prove I can stick the year out and pass amazingly. So I can move on in life too! Get away from everything I want to get away from. So wish me luck! Also got my Grant Forms in, on the closing day, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be me, late for my own funeral I will be.

I think that’s all, my cat just fell and dug her nails into my foot. Ouch!!
Until the next time, sorry if the post is a bit small! What can you do when there’s not much going on? Yet…

The “J” Word

25 Jul

Sorry to mention the “J” word, every five seconds, but I have to, if not. Well, I’ll forget I’m on my J-mission.
Part of today’s mini-mission of the J-mission is that the only English thing I’ll do today is this. Writing my post. My Facebook and Twitter are in Japanese and now I have some new Japanese acquaintances to talk to in…yes, you guess it JAPANESE. So, I’m excited I can have some more exposure to Japanese, and I’ve got my head around certain things since finding these Japanese. Which is god. (Yes, you could say I am a stalker, finding these people I do not know on the web, but I’m not. Blame Khatz for being such a good influence on all of us AJATTer’s, he started it all)

So today’s plan is quite simple. I will be doing…:

  1. Hiragana and Katakana
    I just need to check my Hiragana. Katakana I must learn all today. I will not fail.
  2. Kanji Reviewing
    I have the website I found for that. Linkishere.
  3. Drop some Anime
    I’ve run out of Anime I think, but I think I need to work more on my basics until I watch another Anime, because I want to try without Subtitles so bad, and the Anime I love, I’ve only ever watched with subs/dubs. So now it’s time to understand them properly. Then I can go find new Anime. I’d say there would be new ones out by the time I’m finished re-watching the others RAW. Oh and I watched a real person Japanese movie today, it’s the real version of Kimi no Todoke. It was great. Must go find names of Producers and Actors etc. I’m hooked. Officially.
  4. Search some Manga.. (Newbie)
    So, yes. I am a complete Noob when it comes to Manga, it never interested me, but it will if it’s in Kanji. So making inquires to ALL the comic book stores in Dublin if they have them or not. ONLY IN KANJI. Waste of time, effort, and money to buy them in English you must enjoy them in their true form, to get the jokes, not the lame jokes put in in English.
  5. Some online Japanese reading after No.1
  6. Definitely, not even some, LOADS. Lots of sentence picking too. If I’m stuck I can help one of my new Japanese acquaintances to help.
  7. Japanese talking time. 😀
    With new friends, well soon to be friends on SKYPE, still dont like the whole call/camera call thing. Freaks me out. If only Murz was Japanese, I could talk to her for days on end.. Or if Kirsty was Japanese, I could slag her for days on end. OR if Orange was Japanese, we could conceive our evil and strange ideas together in Japanese. My arm just cracked like the bone decided to snap…. Weird
  8. And perhaps find some more music artists. The Japanese kind. (Obsessed already)
    It’s quite catchy soft rock, feel good music. Even the overly cute “choir” idols group AKB48 is addictive. Brainwashing me I should say. Few other bands whose names I keep forgetting to take down, but they’re  in the Favourites thing. But didn’t put any names beside them. I’ll put them up on Twitter later when everything is done.

So, I think that’s it. It’s time to start another beautiful day in my make-shift Japan. 😀
I’m looking forward to it.
Oh… and if your also studying Japanese, and reading this. Get up off your arse and study now.. THIS IS IN ENGLISH…Dude


Something To Look Forward To

10 Jul

'George is gonna get you'

So, I went out the other night, Friday to be exact. The usual suspects and myself went out to WAR, which is a night in a club. Get’s a bit mental. But it was fun, a lot of fun actually. So, anyway. I bumped into my friend Becky and her lady friend Emma. She was asking me what had I been doing and what am I doing this coming September, so I told her I was starting Business. She then asked what college, so I told her.. Turns out, her and her girlfriend will be attending there too and will be moving down to my area.

Hopefully it wont distract me from school. Well I wont let it. Weirdest part is, and I just remembered this, is that Becky also has the same interest in Japan as I do. Weird I forgot that.


104 – I have applied to.
98 – Replies.
4 – Interviews.

This is how bad things are. 104 jobs that could be easily done and 4 interviews. 1 successful, but it turned out to be a scam. Never take a job where you have to put your own money into. You’ll eventually leave it before the time limit, that you have to work until you get your money back, comes around.

Ok, so back to education and I’ll get on with this post. Anyway, I’ve tried to apply for my student grant. Everything is going wrong. First time I tried to apply, the website wasn’t even up and running. Second time I went to apply, it was up and running. I registered, but before I could fill in the form online, I had to log in with my new details. I got the password wrong unbeknownst to myself when I was writing them during the registration, so now my Username is disabled and I can’t fill out my grant form and I really need to, and soon.

This week and previous weeks I have thought a lot about why my lack of motivation and why my drop out/give up record is so outrageous. I came to the conclusion that, again, it’s the people around me, not all of them, but some of them.

You always need support, you get it from your family, but in my situation my friends are my family, even more so than my real family. The main culprits I am slowly but surely getting away from. The reasons they have a part in my lack of motivation and dropping out etc, are:

  • Partying/Peer Pressure (Lame, but true)
  • They have no goals, but that doesn’t mean I should put mine on hold.
  • Certain people, I think, sometime don’t like you to succeed, and they know your weaknesses. Use them against you.
  • My own anxieties, which have gotten better in the past 2 years thanks to some lovely new friends.
  • I think sometimes I’m also scared to succeed. That stems from Primary school. So it’s about time I get over it.

So, I’ll probably let you know how everything here is going in one of the next post’s. This one is quite all over the place. No flow to it. I apologise.

Thanks for reading.


For the first time…

8 Jul

For the first time, I actually want summer to end.. You might be thinking.. What is wrong with you.. Nothing actually, because I hate having nothing to do.. Right now, nothing seems like an infinite supply.

No Job. Nothing is happening, nothing exciting anyway. Watching my cats chase the flies you get in Summer is the most exciting thing to happen this Summer and Gay Pride. That was very good.. But not the best, last year was the best in my opinion.

College doesn’t start until early September, and I really want it to start so I have something to do and I really need to stick at it for having wasted the past 2 years. I dropped out of my first course, and couldn’t finish the Repeat Leaving Cert. I had some citizen duties to attend to, and because of missing so much during that, I wasn’t able to return. Plus, my motivation history isn’t the best. Now I have something definite to work towards I am hoping I buckle down. Big time. I don’t wish to waste anymore time. I’ll be so old finishing college and getting to Japan if I do and that’s something I don’t want.

I don’t want to become old anyway.

So once I start college hopefully, I don’t wuss out, let anxiety get the better of me because I need to cop on and start going places. Asap!

Time waits for nobody.


Getting To Japan…. In 4 to 6 Years

8 Jul

First blog.

I’ll basically explain what I’ll be doing and how I’ll be doing it.
For those who have an interest in Japan and going to Japan. PLEASE subscribe.
I hope for it to funny and informative, which it’ll possibly end up being completely different. Knowing me.

I plan to plan out my blogs before posting them, I have a bit of OCD when it comes to writing. So blogs might not be every day, but I plan to have them at the least every second day.
Now, it is not always going to be just about Japan, it’ll be about what I’m doing to get there, reasons behind set back and achievements, you need a lot to get even on the plane to go there. So bare with me, and support and tips would be brilliant, because the quicker I get there the better. I want to teach in Japan. For the experience of teaching and the experience of Japan.

What I’ll be doing is, sorting out college courses (especially for what I wanna do once I finish teaching in Japan), and to get Money I need a Job, but being from Ireland, there is none. There is jobs, but you need mad qualifications, long amounts of experience and the foreigners are getting a lot of the part-time jobs, which would be handy for students, because a lot are willing to work for less than minimum wage.. It’s really not fair on the People of Ireland, but what can we do, a lot don’t stand a chance, especially because most of us are in college, hours being given aren’t always compatible with time tables and they are hard to come by. I think there should be priority when applying for jobs. The Graduates, Students, and Long-Term Unemployed.

Getting into college in Ireland is probably the easiest out of a lot of countries in the world. With the Fetac level, where you can start at the bottom, which is like a taster course, getting you ready for the main course, then you can apply from there. You don’t have to get high points on you Leaving Cert (Final School Exams), but you are better off if you study hard and get the points, its wasting time to not put the work in, and PLC courses can make you lazy. Happened to me. (PLC = Post Leaving Cert)

This year anyways, I am starting a Business Studies, Fetac Level 6 Course, which can get me into DIT. I want my own business eventually.
And I have to do a Fashion Degree too. Or a Psychology Degree.. Or both.. But before I start the Business Cert, I need a job, to help with supplies and obviously student nights out, and the regular nights I go out and hit the town. You wouldn’t be a student without having a few drinks to celebrate anything and everything. Right?

So I think that’s all for my first blog. Hopefully you’ll follow my journey. criticism, Tips and Advice is welcome!