My name is Rebekah, everyone has called me Becky since, well since I was born, I usually forget that Rebecca is my name. Alot.
I am in college right now, studying Business, it’s not boring, it’s something I’m very very intrested in. Obviously Japanese too, actually Chinese, Korean and Irish aswell. I wish to speak all these languages fluently in the near future, and then see what ones I want to learn after.

I am studying Business so I can open my own Fashion Business, in Japan. The drawings I create wouldn’t be recieved to well here, but I’ve done my research and the Asian side of the world are more likely to be into my ideas, and then it would grow from there. I think if I was in Japan, or China, I could see what my side of the world would be into. If that makes any sense.

My blog and posts, may seem a bit unorganised, no matter how hard I try to sort it out, and my writing may be a bit all over the place, but bare with it, we are all human, it will get better over time. I need to start reading books again, and not the internet jargen that I religiously read everyday!

So, please subscribe. Post. Follow me on Twitter, etc etc.. And let me know what you think and if you have any advice, it will be greatly appreciated. Good or bad, I really dont mind.



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